S.P.I.A. - Soldiers of Peace International Association - Ireland

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Ireland.   SPIA/AISP.                                               http://www.spiaireland.webs.com/

France.    AISP/SPIA                                                http://www.aisp.fr/

Russia.    Museum of Peacekeeping Operations         http://www.un-museum.ru/

Australia. APPVA Inc.                                               http://www.peacekeepers.asn.au/

America.  US Army Rangers.                                    http://www.rangers-army.org/

America.  KIA / MIA. Vietnam.                  http://www.militarychapel.org/vietnam/            

Irish.   Department of Defence.                     http://www.defence.ie/

I.U.N.V.A.    HQ.           Ireland                        http://www.iunva.com/

I.U.N.V.A.    POST 1.     Dublin                        http://www.simplesite.com/post1iunva

I.U.N.V.A.    POST 3.     Wexford                    http://www.iunvapost3wexford.webs.com/

I.U.N.V.A.    POST 20.   Mullingar                  http://www.freewebs.com/iunvapost20

I.U.N.V.A.    POST 25    Fermoy                     http://www.iunvapost25-fermoy.com/

I.U.N.V.A.    POST 30    Galway                      http://www.iunvapost30.webs.com/

I.U.N.V.A.    POST31.    Enniscorthy              http://post31iunva.webs.com/

UN MEDALS & RIBBONS. http://www.medals.org.uk/united-nations/united-nations--ribbons1.htm


Canadian Peacekeepers Association.                          http://www.cpva.ca/



The Irish in Foreign Armies;   REMEMBERANCE - English / - indymedia Ireland.


Something to think about when we attend Ceremony's for our  War Dead. Here's the Link;